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AMR Badr

Words: Linn Wiberg / Photography: Frida Vega Salomonsson

It’s hard to believe that Amr Badr was once close to giving up on a career in music. Now part of Swedish hip hop collective RMH, he’s produced some of the biggest names on the scene – including Cherrie, Norlie & KKV and Leslie Tay – and kicked off this year with a storming new single ‘Vi Två’, featuring Cherrie and Keya.

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RMH has dominated the Swedish hip hop scene in recent years. What is it that sets you apart?– Much of it has to do with the fact that Babak Azarmi [founder and creative director of RMH] gives us complete creative control over what we do. We’re more like family than a collective. We talk about everything, even if it has nothing to do with music. That respect for one another means there’s a strong creative bond between us.

Do you come from a family of musicians?– Absolutely not! But there was always music on at home and my older brother basically schooled me in R&B.

Tell us about your single ‘Vi Två’. How did you come to collaborate with Cherrie and Keya?– We wrote ‘Vi Två’ last summer, when I was spending lots of time with Keya. One day, Cherrie dropped by and we decided to do a track together. The rest is history.

It’s a song about a relationship in which the people involved think they don’t know where the other one stands. In fact, they've known all along.

Where do you find inspiration for new tracks?– Most of the time, it just comes to me. But it can also be based on tracks I’ve heard maybe a few months earlier. It happens subconsciously, but I always try and avoid sticking too closely to existing tracks. I try to create something completely new instead.

Adam Badr

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned as a producer?– Patience.

You almost gave up on a career in music. What would you be doing today if you had?– Without doubt, I’d have worked as an IT consultant.

Anyone in the music industry that you’d want to swap lives with?– Kuk Harrell! He’s by far the world’s greatest vocal producer. And he has such a fun job – working with the best in the world and fine-tuning their recordings to reach their full potential.

Which decade would you most like to live in, based solely on the music?– Done! Early 2000’s.

Are there any music genres you’ve recently discovered or rediscovered?– Future Bass/R&B – especially Mura Masa.

What songs would you play to get things going at a house party?– Drake – ‘Worst Behavior'. Migos - 'T-Shirt'. Drake ft. Rihanna - 'Too Good'.

What songs get you emotional?– Mariah Carey - ‘My All’. I don’t know why, but it just gets to me.

Imagine you have to have a song lyric tattooed on your body. What lyric would it be?– 'Worst Behavior'.

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Check out Amr’s playlist of music that inspires him, or listen to some of his favourites – Are & Be – on Spotify.